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ZOLA First Show in HK Global Source Fair

From 18th April, 2019 to 21th April, ZOLA brand for the first official appearance with great confidence and expectation surfaced at a magnificent Mobile Electronic Fair in Hongkong, China, which held by Global Source.

ZOLA, as a Daily Life Power Solution Provider, is based on people’s daily life needs to deliver more portable life joy and individual style. Taking an example, with each model mobile phone, we provide the best charge-up solution to show their individual features and usage scenario.

Aiming to attend this fair successfully, ZOLA team made great efforts for preparing from fair theme definition to fair decoration. One visitor on the fair said: “I saw all standard booth in this fair, but your booth is the only one which can catch my eyes. From the details of your fair decoration and product displaying, I can understand your brand by heart.”

Our products are divided into six themes, Business, Travel, Economic, Lady, Gaming, Home Style. Depending on each theme, we display all the usage scenario on experience table, which not only presented our brand theme, also attracted lots of clients. While the following two models were the most popular in the fair.

One is Infinity 10000mAh power bank, equipped with 10W wireless fast charging and PD&QC 3.0 18W quick charging function. Besides the powerful combined function and delicate design, Infinity is built in a special quick charging indicator, which shows different fast charging methods by lighting different color.

The other one pretty favorable product is Travo, a 28W all-in-one worldwide travel adapter. Travo covers almost all the standard plugs over 150 countries, travelers never have to worry about keeping their gadgets charged up on a trip. And Travo allows users to charge 5 devices or appliances simultaneously with 1 Type C port, 3 USB 2.4A ports and 1 AC output port, especially this Type C owns 18W PD function.

For better display of our brand in the next October Global Source Mobile Electronic Fair this year, we are insisting on developing more creative and useful products. And we all are looking forward to your coming and visiting in our booth.

To know more about the life-oriented electronics offered by ZOLA, please visit

ZOLA website: www.zolapower.com

ZOLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZolaLife.Global/

ZOLA Instagramwww.instagram.com/zola_official/

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