ZOLA-ZOLA Marched into Singapore Market Officially at Comex 2017. 
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ZOLA Marched into Singapore Market Officially at Comex 2017.

ZOLA, a life-oriented electronic company specializing in extraordinary products like power banks, USB chargers, car accessories, audio products and more combined with lifestyle design, practicality and high quality, debut in Singapore market officially at Comex 2017 in the Suntec City from Aug.31st-Sep.3rd 2017. It unveils a new era in the rapid development of ZOLA in APEC.

Comex is the largest I.T. Digital and Mobile Consumer Electronic Exhibition in Singapore, offering an irresistible discount and deals on the latest and hottest I.T products and accessories. ZOLA appeared to be a fresh and attractive brand style, attracting large visitor flow and enhancing the brand awareness. Consumers at site snapped up the ZOLA’s unique and high quality products with hot deals.

“This first show in Singapore performs better than our expectation, and we have full confidence in ZOLA brand from all consumers’ great feedback, and believe we enable to win the market in the future. ” exclusive agent of Singapore said.

With over months of market analysis and product development, the following highlighted two products are pretty favorable in Singapore.

Veloz 10000mAh power bank features sleek and elegant appearance. It is built in Quick Charge 3.0, fueling up 80% power only 35 minutes for the QC3.0-compatible devices. The type C input enables to support all smartphones equipped with Type C port, and only about 2 hours are enough to fully self-charge power bank with the attached 2-in-1 cable and a QC3.0 USB charger.

Mini 10000mAh power bank comes with super mini sundresses size and is easy to slip into your pocket. Its dual-output supports charging 2 mobile devices at the same time. The 10000mAh high capacity enables to juice up the iPhone 7 about 3 times. No matter you choose white or black color, it’s always the best classic match with your device.

To know more about the life-oriented electronics offered by ZOLA, please visit

ZOLA website: www.zolapower.com

ZOLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZolaLife.Global/

ZOLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/GLOBALZOLA

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